An easy – and relaxing – way to boost moisture is with a sheet mask 1-2 times per week before moisturizing. The 10-step K-Beauty skincare regimen encourages frequent masking, but if you are a novice, try starting with 1-2 times per week. 
Aqua Collagen Mask
Honey Glow Mask
Aloe Soothing Mask
1 | Soothing Protection Mask
2 | Brightening Radiance Mask
3 | Ultra Nourishing Moisture Mask
4 | Deep Healing Mask
5 | Rejuvenating and Repair Mask
6 | Ginseng Vitality Mask
7 | Aqua Ultra Moisturizing Mask
Aloe Stem Cell -  3 in 1 Skin Care System
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7 Day Skin Care System
BEE-U-tiful Bundle