6 Korean Skincare Tips That You Should Know About

6 Korean Skincare Tips That You Should Know About

Written by Aloisia Beauty

Korean Skincare Tips

Chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about the hype surrounding Korean skincare. Ten-step routines promise youthful, soft, radiant skin, but are time-consuming, and let’s face it—pretty confusing. Thankfully, current Korean skincare trends are moving towards using less products that multi-task. With all the interest in Korean skincare, there are several tips you can use to get supple, smooth skin—without using a dozen products. Here are our favorite tips to jump-start your love affair with Korean skincare. 

1. Use Double Cleansing

Korean skincare often includes double cleansing your face to get every trace of makeup off your skin. Typically, double cleansing involves washing off makeup with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a foaming cleanser to remove any remaining makeup and remove excess oil. Or, you can skip one step by looking for cleansers that combine oil with a micellar formula to get the job done quick. 

2. Layer Products In the Right Order

There is a method to the madness of Korean skincare and each one serves its own purpose and primes the skin for the next product leading to better product absorption. If you’re unsure where to start, the best rule of thumb is to go from the lightest product to the heaviest product. Waters and toners, for example, are much lighter and are used first, whereas emulsions are heavier and thicker and used after lighter layers. Eye creams, face creams, and sleeping masks are applied last to seal in moisture and hydrate your skin. 

3. Take Supplements

Another popular Korean skincare tip is to incorporate supplements as part of your daily beauty routine. After all, true beauty starts with good nutrition and a healthy gut. Finding a good multivitamin or skincare vitamin can help supplement your healthy diet to make sure you’re not missing any necessary micronutrients. 

4. Use Gentle Exfoliation

We all get dead, dry skin and need to exfoliate, but harsh exfoliators can tear skin and damage the healthy tissue under the dry skin you’re trying to remove. Korean skincare often focuses on using water-activated enzyme exfoliators to remove dry skin and gently exfoliate—without harming healthy tissue. 

5. Give Your Face a Massage 

Ditch the botox and give yourself a facial massage instead. Facial massages stimulate facial muscles, strengthen skin capillaries for better blood flow, and improve lymphatic circulation. This leads to benefits like anti-aging and improved skin elasticity. 

6. Use a Sleeping Mask

Have your beauty sleep do double duty by using an overnight sleeping mask to help cell recovery and moisturize your skin while you sleep. Simply smooth on, head to bead, and rinse off in the morning for radiant skin. 

Get Glowing Skin

Korean skincare is moving away from trendy, cutesy products and using more ingredients backed by science to get the skincare results you want and need. At Aloisia Marie, we love the combination of Korean skincare and modern science and use both in our high-performance skincare solutions to meet individual skincare needs. Try out these Korean skincare tips and start meeting your skincare goals.

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