Sheet Masking in the Treatment Room

Sheet Masking in the Treatment Room

by Kelly Horton-Beeman, FACES SkinGym

Single-use sheet masks are a huge skin care trend, and bringing them into the treatment room can add an extra level of relaxation at the end of a treatment or boost hydration levels after a deep exfoliation.

FACES SkinGym clients walk into the beautiful practice with marble, gold accents and large scale art pieces by internationally recognized Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven R. Cohen. With decades of combined experience, the expert approach in the treatment room offers breakthrough treatment techniques. Clients from all over the globe book months in advance to get a skin reset. In todays society, most clients want instant gratification combining modalities in one service, this approach can often times deliver quicker results.

One of my most popular signature facials given post-lockdown because of its effectiveness for tackling maskne, congestion caused by months of uncertainty and stress for anyone suffering from lacklustre skin incorporates a series of modalities. This approach will leave you reaping all the rewards of “glowing skin.”

The first step is double cleansing setting the client into a deep relaxation state, next is prescribing the appropriate exfoliation for the clients skin type or concerns. Most popular is derma-planing , and DiamondGlow that offers a all in-one exfoliation, extraction, and infusion treatment, layered with LED therapy,  annnnd BEST OF ALL for the next step, the one that seals and binds this signature treatment is a customized sheet mask. With so many options from Aloisia Beauty I can achieve a universal glow with any of their sheet masks. Some of my favorites are the Honey Glow, Aqua Collagen Mask, Aqua Ultra Moisturizing, or Brightening Radiance. The final step to drive the serum remittance from the sheet mask is a facial massage using a well known Gua Sha tool to help to reduce dark under-eye circles, puffiness from fatigue and inflammation in the face due to stagnation of the lymphatic system. This style massage promotes blood flow and circulation which is a major contributor to brighter complexion and a youthful look.

Best of all, with this facial there IS NO DOWN TIME. Yes, you heard that right. You wont leave looking swollen or blotchy. I love my signature treatment because it isn’t too aggressive, its teamed with relaxing steps like the Aloisia Beauty sheet masks, and a feel good Gua Sha Massage. It’s a result focused, holistic experience. There is something so soothing about human touch, a feeling so many of my clients had missed during the lockdown.


Kelly Horton-Beeman has 20+yrs. experience working alongside Dr. Steven R. Cohen, a internationally recognized Plastic Surgeon.

Kelly’s philosophy revolves around maintaining beauty from the inside out, her passion is providing in-depth knowledge about our skin & it’s functions - whether problematic, aging, or in need of special maintenance.
Over Kelly’s 20yr. career she has provided business coaching, built a 6 figure practice inside FACES+ while also building a successful retail/e-commerce practice as the Director of Sales. Her passion for education and skin doesn’t stop there. She has written & published papers with Dr. Cohen, worked with one of the first teams to launch Fraxel Laser in the US Market, managed clinical trials for Injectables, worked as a practice manager, and is the Co-Founder of a non-profit community that offers grants to female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.
In her free time she enjoys designing jewelry, exploring the lovely beaches around the world and volunteering with her 2 boys & husband Jon.