Why Korean Beauty Takes Skin Care to a Self-Care Level

Why Korean Beauty Takes Skin Care to a Self-Care Level

For many, the daily skin care routine can be tedious, where cleansing, treating, and moisturizing feel like a “have to” instead of a “want to.” But from the Korean Beauty perspective, tending to your skin can go from repetitive to rewarding, making skin care a treat instead of a chore. Here are a few reasons why K-Beauty is so transformative – for both your complexion and your well-being!

If you’re normally the wash-and-go type, then K-Beauty’s 8-to-10-step regimen may sound over-the-top at first. Consider it a ritual, where each step respects your skin with a different experience to enjoy. It also allows you to carve out valuable “me-time” and focus on yourself. Aloisia Beauty’s recommended daily skin care ritual includes:

  • Steps 1 & 2: Double-cleanse your skin, first with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and then with a water-based cleanser to ensure skin is clean.
  • Step 3: Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and help keep pores unclogged.
  • Step 4: Apply a toner to balance your skin’s PH, keep skin hydrated, and help it better absorb products.
  • Step 5: Apply an essence, which is a combination of toner and serum to further hydrate the skin and help stimulate skin cell turnover.
  • Step 6: Apply an ampoule or serum.
  • Step 7: Apply a sheet mask.
  • Step 8: Apply eye cream.
  • Step 9: Apply moisturizer.
  • Step 10: Apply sunscreen (morning only).

Another reason why Korean skin care transcends skin care to self-care is how the products are applied. There’s no furious scrubbing or rubbing, which can cause trauma to the skin. Instead, deliberate motions are used to apply products, plus benefit your overall health with the power of touch. K-Beauty is known for two special tools: a Gua Sha, a polished jade or quartz stone with contoured, heart-shaped edges to massage in product while reaching all your facial bones and muscles, and a Facial Roller, which helps distribute products while smoothing your skin. Not only do these tools help minimize the surface appearance of fine lines, sagging, and puffiness, they are also known to deliver overall health-boosting benefits like flushing the body of toxins, increasing blood circulation, clearing sinuses, and even alleviating stress, headaches, chronic pain, tension, and perimenopausal symptoms.

And finally, clean formulations (clean beauty) elevate the Korean Beauty approach to self-care status. Non-toxic ingredients are effective for your skin care needs, and also important for your long-term health since everything you put on your skin is eventually absorbed into the body. This means using products that are clean beauty products, free of artificial and synthetic ingredients, and also toxins linked to harmful or negative health effects, including effects that can put pregnant and nursing women at risk (check out our own “Commitment to Clean”). Natural botanical and marine ingredients, and non-toxic science-made ingredients will help you radiate from the inside, out.

By taking the time to understand how Korean Beauty goes beyond skin care to also pamper you physically and spiritually, you can transform your daily regimen into a mindful indulgence that will help you look – and feel – your best!

        -The Aloisia Beauty Team