Your Skincare Horoscope for the New Year

Whether you’re a trusting devotee to your astrological sign or just seeking some skincare inspiration, the stars can offer some illuminating insights into which formulas are right for you. With so many products and benefits from Aloisia Beauty, it can be hard to decide what to try next, or where to start your skincare journey. So why not leave it to the universe?

Your Skincare Horoscope for the New Year

Whether you’re a trusting devotee to your astrological sign or just seeking some skincare inspiration, the stars can offer some illuminating insights into which formulas are right for you. With so many products and benefits from Aloisia Beauty, it can be hard to decide what to try next, or where to start your skincare journey. So why not leave it to the universe?

There’s a perfect product out there for every zodiac sign—read on to discover yours!


January 20 – February 18
A boldly independent thinker, you’re a progressive pioneer who loves surpassing expectations. You’re committed to improvement, and you don’t mind reinventing the rules to make it happen.

What you need: You deserve a skincare routine that’s as innovative as you are. Look for truly revolutionary formulas like our ANTI-AGING & BRIGHTENING COMPLEX, backed by science and supercharged with fermented probiotic actives, vitamins, antioxidants, humectants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Your cosmic match: Our ANTI-AGING & BRIGHTENING MINI Set is the perfect introduction to this game-changing, proprietary complex in convenient travel sizes. Strengthen, smooth, plump and brighten your skin with our BALANCE Moisturizing Toner, RENEW Concentrated Serum, LIGHT HYDRATION Emulsion, REVITALIZE Eye Cream and ULTRA-RICH Moisture Cream for transformative results - like 94% reported a reduction in fine lines - that meet Aquarius’ high standards.


February 19 – March 20
That one friend everyone goes to for advice, you’re very sensitive, intuitive and in touch with your emotions. You also feel a strong bond to your creative outlet, since it lets you embrace the imaginative sign that defines this water sign.

What you need: A gentle, wise soul shouldn’t be struggling with rough, uneven skin. Seek out ingredients that add softness and suppleness to your complexion, like plant-based squalane, antioxidants and niacinamide.

Your cosmic match: Get smooth, soft, dewy-looking skin with our LIGHT HYDRATION Emulsion. The formula is fast-absorbing with a weightless feel, delivering collagen-boosting ingredients deep into the skin with the light gentleness that Pisces are loved for.


March 21 – April 19
Strong, bold and determined, you’re never one to shy away from a challenge. You’re passionate and courageous but tend to get a bit hot-headed and fiery.

What you need: Calm that inner heat with face toners and mists that incorporate ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber and chamomile. Just remember that less is more for the overly zealous fire sign!

Your cosmic match: DEEP HYDRATION Aloe Gel Mist is the soothing answer to your high intensity, relieving skin from stresses like dryness, blemishes and sun exposure. Keep it in the fridge for an added burst of coolness!


April 20 – May 20
You’re a big fan of self-care and love a chill night at home on the couch. When it’s time to get down to business, you’re very focused and headstrong (hence the bull!), making those moments of relaxation even more deserved.

What you need: As a seeker of comfort and indulgence - being an earth sign that’s prone to dryness - look for deeply moisturizing ingredients that are pampering and effective, like niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate and sweet almond oil.

Your cosmic match: ULTRA-RICH Moisture Cream offers the deep hydration to quench dry, dull skin and the decadent, luxe-feeling formula to embrace your Taurus nature. Your innate loyalty will encourage you to make this moisturizer part of your everyday routine, and your skin will thank you for it.


May 21 – June 20
Born curious with a natural sense of adventure, you’re a social butterfly and a busy multitasker. You’re always on the go, whether you’re tackling your daily to-do list or spending a night with friends out on the town.

What you need: The ever-active Gemini needs convenient, portable skincare that can give your complexion a refreshing glow anytime, anywhere—especially after a late night. Components like a non-drying cleanser and glow-boosting ingredients like licorice root and mulberry bark are key to your needs.

Your cosmic match: With the RESTORE MINI Set, your cosmic curiosity will delight in discovering our best-selling essentials through a curated array of minis. Packed in a chic travel bag to accompany you on any adventure, the set includes our NOURISH Oil Cleanser, REFRESH Jade Purifying Cleanser, GLOW Exfoliating Soft Peel and RESTORE Propolis Collagen Gel. Soothing, brightening and hydrating, it’s an ultimate multitasker - just like you!


June 21 – July 22
Protecting yourself and feeling safe is very important to you. You’re an introverted extrovert who is nurturing and sensitive but also can be funny, charming and outgoing.

What you need: Since you seek routine, look for skincare products that are reliably effective and meant for daily use. You’ll need a neutralizing cleanser like jade water to refresh your complexion after you’re out and about, plus an oil-based one to nourish your sensitive skin.

Your cosmic match:​​ NOURISH+REFRESH Cleansing Duo contains a water-based cleanser to give your water sign that comforting sense of safety you crave, plus an oil-based cleanser to help expand your comfort zone and uncover the power of something new. Just like you create firm boundaries, the cleansers feature ingredients to strengthen the barrier of your skin, like evening primrose oil, vitamin E and ceramide NP.


July 23 – August 22
Unapologetic and confident, you go after what you want. You’re known to be the life of the party and don’t mind having everyone’s eyes on you. You’re also fiercely loyal to those around you, especially your close friends.

What you need: Find formulas that let you glow on the outside as much as you glow from the inside. You’re a ray of sunshine, so uncover your skin’s radiance with gentle exfoliants like papaya fruit enzymes and plant-based microcrystalline cellulose.

Your cosmic match: At times you’re dramatic, but so are these results! Our GLOW Exfoliating Soft Peel incorporates those exfoliating ingredients with moisturizers like rose hybrid flower and arginine, plus green tea, aloe vera and vitamin E to calm the fire sign in you while delivering fresh, glowing skin.


August 23 – September 22
Authentic and kind, Virgos are notoriously good friends. While you’re highly logical and practical, you also have a tendency to overthink and overanalyze, so you’re often prone to stress and feeling stuck in your own thoughts.

What you need: Get rid of that anxiety (at least on your skin!) in the area that shows it the most: your eyes. A luxurious eye cream is just what your complexion needs to restore a youthful look and put your mind at ease.

Cosmic match: Say hello to the best eye-area formula you’ve ever tried: REVITALIZE Eye Cream. It’s got the effectiveness Virgos expect with the indulgence they deserve, featuring sweet almond oil, and green tea to depuff and moisturize, and houttuynia cordata to balance and soothe. Experience yourself the luxurious formula that 94% reported a reduction in fine lines around the eye area with.


September 23 – October 22
You’re all about balance and symmetry, from adorning your home in aesthetically pleasing decor to compromising when you disagree with a friend. That equilibrium also means you like to treat yourself as much as you like being generous to others.

What you need: You’ll want skincare ingredients that help reflect your internal balance on the outside, too, like pore-minimizing niacinamide, brightening ginseng and evening licorice root.

Cosmic match: Remove excess dirt and oil and restore your skin to the healthy balance your Libra self desires with our BALANCE Moisturizing Toner. You know the joy you get from a freshly organized room? That’s how you’ll feel after this pH-balancing toner leaves you with a noticeably evened-out complexion.


October 23 – November 21
Determination is an excellent trait in Scorpios, pushing you toward your dreams with fearlessness and a loyalty to those you love. But you can also be a bit set in your ways and obsessive.

What you need: Calming ingredients are a must, reminding you to pause and unwind even in the face of your unwavering ambition. And since you’re especially goal-focused, you’ll want a formula that’s scientifically proven to improve elasticity and evenness.

Cosmic match: You share a slight air of mystery with RESTORE Propolis Collagen Gel. While its ingredients are no secret (like anti-aging antioxidants and flavonoids, moisturizing propolis and calming green tea), you’ll still be in awe of the results.


November 22 – December 21
As another adventure-seeking sign, you have a strong wanderlust and absolutely love your freedom. You’re a glass-half-full kind of person who’s charming, thoughtful and very skilled at social interactions.

What you need: Opt for a comprehensive kit you can take on the go, with clinically proven ingredients that reveal the best version of your skin—just like you bring out the best version of others.

Cosmic match: You’re self-reflective on the inside but also distinctly curious and outgoing, making this dual-action CLEANSE & GLOW MINI Set your perfect fit. Mini sizes of our NOURISH Oil Cleanser, REFRESH Jade Purifying Cleanser and GLOW Exfoliating Soft Peel easily fit in your travel bag for a radiant glow after a day of adventure or a night out.


December 22 – January 19
You may seem effortlessly put together, but it took a lot of time and dedication to reach your success! You’re a practical thinker and very smooth, excelling at navigating both the social and material worlds.

What you need: You’re a hard worker so your skincare should work hard for you, too. Make sure you’re incorporating plenty of hydration into your routine to offset your dryness as an earth sign. You understand that time and consistency can lead to incredible results, so you’ll appreciate the visible impact a hydrating serum will have on your skin with regular use.

Cosmic match: Our fast-absorbing RENEW Concentrated Serum is the ideal fit for your cool, calm and collected demeanor. Treat your skin to our effective plumping and repairing Anti-Aging & Brightening Complex - 86% reported their skin looks plumper and brighter after use - for a boost of glow now, while investing in nourishment that lasts.