“The Aloisia Maria were really rich-feeling and super hydrating. I mean, more hydrating than any cream or mask I’ve ever used in my life!”

Jessica Hartshorn - Brooklyn, NY
Entertainment Editor of Parents Magazine

"I have combination sensitive acne-prone skin. I have large pores around my nose that get clogged very easily. Since I have a combination skin type, I'm very dry in some areas of my face and very oily in others. I'm always very frustrated when it comes to the right products. These mask are amazing for all my issues. It honestly corrects everything wrong with my skin. It helps with my acne-scars, it balances my combination skin, cleans out my pores, and it calms my redness. It always leaves my skin GLOWING. These masks are super calming. I'm so happy I came across this product because it has helped my skin drastically. More than any dermatologist or topical acne medications have. My makeup finally applies better because I use this daily before I go to bed. Don't have any second thoughts and just buy it. These masks have saved my skin and I would recommend to anyone to at least try it."
Janelle Dickow - El Cajon, CA

“I absolutely love these masks!! This product is the real thing. Super easy to use and the results were incredible. My husband noticed the difference on my skin immediately."

Monica F. - Del Mar, CA

“These masks were the most hydrating I have ever used. My skin was glowing the day after as though I had received a facial. My skin was soft and smooth. I will definitely use them again."

Valerie Z. - San Diego, CA

“I loved this mask!! The mask was odorless and was perfect for my sensitive skin. If left my skin supple, moist and glowing after just the first application."

Jennifer D. - Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“I love this face mask!! I have dry skin and this mask was great!! My skin is considerably brighter after one use, redness went down and my skin feels soothed. It kept my skin feeling hydrated longer. I will definitely buy this mask again."

Constanza W. - Denver, CO

“Awesome Masks!! They stay in place. I was able to move around the house without it falling off. But most important, my skin felt soft and looked amazingly moisturized."

Ana H. - La Mesa, CA

"I have very sensitive skin, yet sometimes dry and this mask was amazing. It was very hydrating and left my skin soft, smooth and glowing. It is a great product and was easy to use. I highly recommend it and will use it again."

Lucia G. - Del Mar, CA