5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Acne

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Acne

The dreaded acne.  Even if you didn’t suffer from acne as a teen, most adults still get the occasional breakout and it’s definitely not fun.  Here are five things you probably don’t know about acne…


1) Adults shouldn’t be using acne products made specifically for teens.

Even though acne can happen to both teens and adults alike, you shouldn’t be using acne products made specifically for teens.  Those brands that worked when you were 14 will likely cause over-drying since we’re not as oily as adults.


That said, just because adults shouldn’t use teen acne products doesn’t mean teens can’t use adult products to fight acne.  Aloisia Beauty has two sheet masks that have been shown to work wonders for teen acne!  Our #4 Deep Healing Mask and Honey Glow Mask both are especially helpful in reducing redness associated with acne, or redness from post-acne treatments.


2) Pimples aren’t formed overnight.

We know it may seem like those pesky zits appear out of nowhere but it’s actually typically a few weeks in the making before they pop up.  This is why, if you’re acne-prone, it’s important to start fighting acne before it starts; it’s definitely a commitment but a consistent acne skincare routine can and will prevent future breakouts from forming.


3) Oil isn’t the enemy.

It’s a common misconception that having acne means that your skin is overproducing oil, and that’s just not always the case.  In fact, using a facial oil with skin-calming ingredients like honey or niacinamide can actually help acne by reducing inflammation and helping to balance out your skin’s natural oil production.


4) Junk food won’t make your acne worse.

Let’s just say it loud and proud: pizza, chocolate, French fries, etc. will NOT make you break out, and they certainly won’t make any existing acne worse. This is an old wive’s tale that has been debunked many times over. That said, dairy and foods that are high in sugar have been linked to acne and other skin issues, just not greasy food.


5) Sunscreen won’t make your acne worse.

One of the worst things anyone with acne can do (or anyone in general, really) is skip the SPF.  If you’ve noticed that you break out more from some sunscreens then try a mineral sunscreen or a physical SPF with zinc oxide, which is what is also recommended for those with super sensitive skin as well.


Jamie Stone is a freelance beauty writer and marketer living in Los Angeles, CA. Her blog is HonestlyJamie.com and you can find her on Instagram @itsjamiestone.