Ingredient Spotlight Ginseng

Clean Beauty Skincare Ingredient Spotlight | Ginseng

Ginseng (a.k.a “the root of immortality”) is not just a supplement that you buy.  This magical root has forever been a Korean beauty and clean beauty secret ingredient and today we’re gonna tell you why.  Hint: It’s one of our favorite super foods that truly provides some major skincare benefits!


It’s anti-inflammatory.

It’s not uncommon to find ginseng in a number of eye creams, and for good reason.  The powerhouse ingredient works to depuff tired eyes and minimize dark circles (in addition to wrinkle and line reduction) in the face!  It’s great for sensitive skin but it also works well on acne-prone skin due to its natural ability to reduce inflammation and redness.


It fades hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation (i.e. dark spots) is another skin concern that ginseng can fight, as it works as an essential shield against them.  With consistent use, brown spots will fade and you’ll even notice an overglow to your skin that you may not have seen before.  Want to try it out for yourself? We love our Ginseng Vitality Sheet Masks.  These sheet masks deliver an invigorating blend of not only ginseng but other good-for-your-skin ingredients like PGA and licorice root extract.  You’ll end up with brighter, more nourished skin and a vibrant and healthy glow.


It boosts your circulation.

Ginseng is also known to help boost the circulation of blood vessels which, in turn, ramps up the synthesis of the collagen in your face (this is a good thing).  The result: firmer skin overall. #goals, right?


It has antioxidant properties.

Ginseng’s antioxidant properties is also hard to beat; they work to really protect your skin from all that free radical damage we incur every day…not to mention any environmental aggressors that trigger the signs of aging in the skin.


Jamie Stone is a freelance beauty writer and marketer living in Los Angeles, CA. Her blog is and you can find her on Instagram @itsjamiestone.