How to prevent sun damage on your face

How to prevent sun damage on your face

When it comes to aging skin, what most people don’t realize is that most of it can be prevented…but only if you’re following the below tips!



It’s no secret that you should be wearing sunscreen every day (yes, even in the winter!), but we bet you didn’t know that *up to 80% of visible aging is caused by sun exposure.  This essentially means that by simply wearing sunscreen you can prevent most of the signs of aging on your face!  That said, it’s equally important that you wear an SPF labeled “broad spectrum” and that you re-apply the sunscreen every two to three hours. 


Incorporate PGA into your skincare regimen

PGA is an anti-aging miracle ingredient and, when it comes to PGA-enhanced products, we always recommend our Rejuvenating and Repair Sheet Mask.  These clean beauty sheet masks are supercharged with a restoring blend of botanicals in addition to PGA, which all work together to plump, firm, and tighten the skin, in addition to reducing the appearance of wrinkles, of course.


Protect your eyes

The thin skin around your eyes, of course, needs sunscreen, but ideally, you also want to wear sunglasses that have UV-blocking filters while outside.  This extra boost of protection will absolutely help prevent those fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes from forming.


Give yourself a collagen boost

Collagen is another anti-aging ingredient that really works to help boost and plump your skin; it increases your skin’s own collagen production which, in turn, decreases wrinkles and fine lines.  We love our Aqua Collagen Sheet Masks for this exact reason.  These sheet masks will increase the skin’s elasticity and are loaded with deep seawater, hydrolyzed collagen and other natural marine and botanical extracts that will give you a firm and plump face.


Watch the clock

UV rays are the strongest between 10AM and 4PM so if you’re out during those hours make sure you’re extra vigilant about re-applying that SPF.




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