Breaking Down Our Favorite Clean Beauty Ingredients! | Ingredient spotlight

Breaking Down Our Favorite Clean Beauty Ingredients! | Ingredient spotlight

Each of the Aloisia Beauty sheet masks contains a specially formulated blend of, clean beauty, natural plant extracts from the sea or land combined with these powerful ingredients to protect your skin and help retain moisture longer:


(PGA) PGA is the NEW Superstar of skin care.  A humectant that has the ability to hold up to 10,000x  its weight in moisture, PGA is one of the most hydrating ingredients available. In addition to delivering intense hydration, PGA: Promotes the production of skin’s natural moisturizing factors Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Improves skin’s elasticity Promotes skin’s natural exfoliation process Delivers vital nourishment and locks in moisture by forming a barrier to prevent evaporation. Making your skin look and feel smoother and giving you a healthy more youthful appearance.


With the ability to retain 5X as much moisture as Hyaluronic Acid and penetrate easier and deeper into the skin, SH provides far superior skin-boosting effects. By delivering intense hydration and nourishment deep in the skin, SH provides a natural plumping of your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increases your skin’s natural moisture barrier and help minimize rough and dry skin.  When combined with PGA, your skin benefits from a synergistic effect, as they work together to keep your skin nourished and give you smooth, soft, glowing, healthy looking skin. 

GANODERMA LUCIDIUM EXTRACT (GLE) Developed by leading skin care experts in South Korea, GLE is the first PGG Substance that provides strong antioxidant effects AND provides protection to your skin from damaging external contaminants and stimuli. (Patent # 101435874000).


We use Vitamin leaf water instead of purified water. Vitamin water provides natural energy, loaded with vitamins and fruit extracts that help promote  firmer, healthier looking skin.