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Collagen Mask and 7 Day Skincare Treatment

One of my favorite treatments in the "Treatment Room" that ALL skin types can benefit from is upgrading a facial with a Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. 
Why Pumpkin? 
Let me count the ways your skin will soak up everything this treatment has to offer:
Rich in enzymes, this treatment improves the texture and tone of your skin; it sloughs off the dead skin cells; reduces the appearance of pigmentation; fights the signs of aging; and, smooths and plumps the skin, giving you youthful looking skin! 
I always stress to my clients the importance of the upkeep for their skin after a treatment.  
I have been  sending everyone home with Aloisia Marie's Collagen Sheet Mask to use 3 days later after their peel and stressing the importance of the 7 Day Skin Care Treatment to start one week after their treatment, each day, bringing the highest quality ingredients to repair and revitalize your skin.
Both sets are crucial to advancing the results, post "Pumpkin Peel."
Camaille Victoria is a Celebrity Esthetician with over 20 years experience in the Skin Care Industry. Her website is Camaillevictoria.com and you can find her on instagram @camaillevictoriaskin
Korean Skin Care Products