Netflix & Treat Your Skin

Netflix & Treat Your Skin

Written by Camaille Victoria

Your skin care routine should be as important as what you have waiting for you in your Netflix cube. 

Healthy skin care can be done while you are literally watching your favorite show!

What does your skin care routine look like?
Do you have one?
Is it effective? 
The biggest mistake I find when discussing issues someone is having with their skin is that most do not realize how important it is to cleanse your skin not only morning and night, but also  "how to" truly clean your face.
Sheet Masks are EVERYWHERE! 
Are you buying the right ones? 
Here is a "How To Guide" to help you incorporate the principles and beauty of Korean Skin Care into your daily , weekly and monthly skin care routine. 
I have been incorporating the "10 Step Korean Skin Care Principles" for years.
Let me break it down for you.
The first time you cleanse your skin you are removing your make up, breaking down dirt,  environmental debris anything from the day.
Make sure you are getting around your hair line and around your neck. 
Rinse that off, and CLEANSE AGAIN.
The second time you are cleansing your skin, you are actually washing the surface of your skin.
This alone can change your skin care immediately!
 Korean principles are about HYDRATING your skin. 
Daily, you should be cleansing your skin, treating it with serums, using a toner, and hydrating with moisturizers. 
What if you have oily skin?
You can skip a double moisturizer and just use a treatment facial oil!
I have been OBSESSED with Korean line Aloisia Beauty's 7 Day Skin Care System. 
This is a treatment you can use once a month for 7 days.
Utilizing the 10 Step Korean skin process which is: 
Remove makeup;
First cleanse with oil based cleanser;
Second cleanse with foam based cleanser;
Exfoliate (twice a week);
Use Serum or Oil;
Sheet Mask (extra layer of hydration);
Use Eye Cream;
I am currently on Day 5 of 7 and already my skin seems more supple, hydrated and has a extra glow in the morning when I wake up.
The best way to do the 7 Day Treatment is after a facial, especially after getting a professional exfoliating treatment or customized peel. 
These 7 Day Sheet Masks are using all different extracts and every night a different mask all for the same results, HYDRATION and Boosting Collagen. 
To maintain the benefits of this treatment, Aloisia Beauty has a Collagen Sheet Mask that would be recommended once to twice a week on exfoliating days (for maximum effect). 
You might say this is A LOT of work. 
Skin care is like going to the gym daily for your skin. And never neglect the fact that our skin is our largest organ in our body.  It should be a PRIORITY!
My days are full and busy. However, I look forward to walking in my door, heading to my room to change into sweats, taking my makeup off, starting my skin care routine for the evening ( which should only take you 10 minutes). And, on "Sheet Mask Nights," I sit on the couch watching Netflix while my skin gets everything it needs. 
Camaille Victoria is a Celebrity Esthetician with over 20 years experience in the Skin Care Industry. Her website is and you can find her on instagram @camaillevictoriaskin

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