Pre-Party Skin Prep Tips

Pre-Party Clean Beauty Skin Prep Tips

Ever wonder how to properly prep your skin before getting a glam makeover? Well, we reached out to Makeup Artist Valentina Zaitona for her advise and this is what she had to say:

Clean beauty skin prep before makeup application is MEGA important. The number one thing any makeup artist will tell you they love most is a hydrated, smooth surface! Here are my full proof steps to ensure a flawless makeup application:

1. Cleanse skin
2. Toner with a cotton pad (restore PH balance and further remove any impurities)
3. Aloisia Beauty's Hydrating or Collagen sheet masks
4. Primer (some of my favorites are Fenty, Makeup Forever and Laura Mercier)
5. Liquid and cream makeup
6. Set (translucent powder)
7. Finishing spray (Aloisia Beauty Deep Hydration Aloe Get Mist, Fitish, ProSeal and Skindinavia are some favorites)

Having a properly hydrated base ensures all liquid and creams blend flawlessly without clinging onto any dry skin, no patches and no fuss!

As for setting, the base plays a vital role because the more hydrated the skin, the more powder an artist can get away with applying. Powder is super important in creating long-wearing makeup, beautiful finishes and ensuring coverage is up to par for photography. Nothing better than to share new finds with your clients all while getting glammed up."

Valentina Zaitona is a Make Up Artist, of Soft glam specialist! 
you can find her on instagram @valentinaxmakeup