5 Reasons Why Niacinamide is a Skin Care Superstar

5 Reasons Why Niacinamide is a Skin Care Superstar

If you’re wondering why skin care experts are re-shining the spotlight on the skin care ingredient Niacinamide, it’s with good reason. Though it isn’t new, when it comes to a single ingredient that checks all the boxes, Niacinamide, (a.k.a. Nicotinamide) simply gets the job done. A water-soluble form of vitamin B3 and a powerful antioxidant, this multi-tasking ingredient has brightening, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, oil-balancing, moisture-retaining, and even UV-protective properties. So very versatile, it has also shown to boost the benefits of other common skin care ingredients like vitamin E and AHA’s – making Niacinamide the most dynamic addition to any skin care product!

Here are five reasons why Niacinamide out-performs when it comes to clearer, stronger, more youthful-looking skin:


  1. Skin loves to soak it up. When applied topically, Niacinamide has shown to absorb easily into the skin. Kelly Horton-Beeman, a licensed aesthetician and pigment disorder specialist, notes that while you can find it in everything from cleansers and toners to targeted treatments and moisturizers, “using a serum or sheet mask enriched with this multi-tasking ingredient can be especially effective, since these delivery systems usually work their magic on a deeper, concentrated level.”
  2. It brightens. When addressing hyperpigmentation and evening-out skin tone, Niacinamide can help brighten your skin by “inhibiting the melanocyte-keratinocyte transfer” and pigment production. Plus, it has photo-protective properties, meaning it helps guard skin against sun damage-induced spots and darkening.
  3. It’s calming. If flushed, irritated skin is a concern, Niacinamide is also one of Horton-Beeman’s favorite anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce redness because it “improves the function of your skin’s lipid barrier, which seals in moisture and soothes irritation.”
  4. It smooths skin texture. Since Niacinamide has shown to increase ceramides and decrease water loss in your skin’s barrier, two bonuses are aiding your dry skin treatment and helping to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – making Niacinamide an essential ingredient for your anti-aging arsenal!
  5. It helps bust breakouts. Oily, acne-prone skin? Incorporating a product formulated with Niacinamide into your regimen can help decrease excess, pore-clogging sebum production – one of the main culprits of acne. Keeping your pores clear will also help minimize their size and appearance.

So now that you know about the wide range of benefits Niacinamide affords, why not get a daily dose of this wonder vitamin from your skin care routine?!

          - The Aloisia Beauty Team